Every child is born with an extraordinary potential

It is by observing each child individually that we can best offer him the intellectual stimulation he or she needs. This is the aim of the Montessori teaching method, individual and progressive, seeking to follow the rhythm and evolution of each child in the class. (Learn more)

Our kindergarten is bilingual French/English: In each class, the teaching team is made up of a native French speaker and a native English speaker, each addressing the children in their native tongue. In this manner, children are able to develop both languages by immersion. (Learn more)

The school also offers introduction to music classes which help the children acquire basic musical knowledge and develop their rhythm and ear. (Learn more)

The school is located in the heart of a vast green park in the Bois de Grasse Sud, near the Calvary hospital. Its location is perfect for long nature walks and outings to observe the flora (there are many species of plants and trees) and fauna (animal tracks, insects, birds, etc.)