L'espace des chercheurs

We are happy to announce the opening of a primary Montessori class at the Jardin des Soleils in September 2020.

We are a small group of people motivated by the opening of this class and doing our best to ensure that many children will benefit from quality teaching during the immense intellectual explosion that takes place between 6 and 12 years of age.

After the first years of schooling when children learn on an individual and sensorial basis via absorption in a reassuring environment, the 6 to 12 year old is now reassured enough to discover the world. At this age, children’s vigorous spirits move from concrete to abstract thought thanks to the development of their imagination. Their interests shift to various domaines of learning which involve an active participation on their behalf, bringing together their knowledge and experiences. The children learn to research subjects in depth and to set their own goals which they accomplish alone, with classmates, or with the help of a teacher. They are becoming very social at this period of life and enjoy philosophical debates which open their eyes to new thoughts and develop their sense of justice and morality.

During this period, the children develop their general knowledge considerably.

We wish to offer a lively teaching method which seeks the child’s involvement and personal investment in domains such as psychomotor workshops, English and Spanish, field trips that the students organise themselves and many other activities. We recognize the children’s immense capacity and wish to see them thrive at school in a stimulating environment.

We plan to open a small class with approximately 12 children, in order to give them an individualized learning experience.

Thanks you in advance for spreading the news about this new class.


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