School holidays

The Maison des Loisirs (childcare) is open during the school holidays, except at Christmas and during the month of August and in the afternoons from 4:30 to 6pm (subject to inscription numbers). Children from 2 to 8 years of age, from all horizons are welcome. It is also possible to participate part-time.

Children will enjoy daily outdoor activities, cooperative games, arts and crafts, fun english lessons, obstacle courses and play time. 


Marion Buchman

Teacher at the Maison des Loisirs

Marion is a Montessori educator. She accompanies the children at the Maison des Loisirs through environmental workshops and outdoor activities, helping them develop a sense of cooperation and wonder in all that they discover. Marion's gentleness creates a calm, caring atmosphere, allowing new children to integrate the group in a confident and peaceful manner.  


Aurore Fautrel

Teacher at the Maison des Loisirs

A strong believer in alternative and positive education, Aurore accompanies the children in the Maison des Loisirs with patience and kindness. She is an artist and prepares wonderful activities in both art and music. She also loves preparing games through with the children learn cooperation and sharing. Aurore is calm, optimistic, and always ready to listen.

For more information, please contact Marion Buchmann or Aurore Fautrel directly at or on 07 80 55 23 63