The joy of learning

This class welcomes about fifteen children per educator, as there are thirty students for two educators. In this class the children are between three and six years old.

The carefully prepared classroom is filled with material that is attractive to the children and corresponds to their developmental needs. The material is individual and can be explored and repeated as often as the child wishes. By observing each child, the educator can discern which sensitive period the child is in and suggest material that he will find the most stimulating.

The classroom is very spacious and specially designed so that the children can achieve their personal goals. The environment favours the children’s intense concentration, precise movements, sense of order, motivation to learn and auto discipline, as well as their respect for classmates, their kindness and joyfulness.

The varied ages of the children in the class also promotes mutual assistance and exchange. The youngest students have the opportunity to observe the older children’s work and older children learn to be responsible towards their juniors. It also allows children with different rhythms (slower or precocious) to help one another, regardless of their age.