The Jardin des Soleils

The school is managed by a non-profit organisation (under the French 1901 law) which seeks to assist the development of each child’s maximum potential.

Created in 2004 by Valerie Armand, psychologist and head of the school, Jardin des Soleil applies the Montessori teaching method and welcomes about 50 children.

It is a private establishment, recognised by the official French education system and its inspection agency and is also affiliated with the International Montessori Association.

The Jardin des Soleils is composed of two classes: one welcomes a dozen children from 2 to 3 years old who are accompanied by 2 Montessori educators (learn more). The second hosts about 30 students who are also supervised by 2 Montessori educators (learn more).

The meals and snacks at the school are prepared using organic ingredients (learn more), and fresh fruit arrangements are offered during school festivities, thus encouraging the children to associate healthy fruits with life’s simple pleasures (learn more).

Our bilingual Montessori school in Grasse offers a stimulating learning environment for its students. The key phrase in the Montessori method is "Teach me to do it myself". This philosophy is rooted in the will to help children develop their autonomy by observing their individual developmental rhythm.

It encourages their natural desire to learn, and to develop their willpower, self-confidence and auto-discipline while promoting their creativity and personal fulfilment.

The Jardin des Soleils is the ideal bridge between the family unit and primary school, as it also has a class for 6 to 12 year olds. It is a small structure with a friendly "family" environment which offers many opportunities for communication with the staff.