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Body awareness workshops

Develop strengths and overcome difficulties

Heidi Döffinger, the school head, offers personal and group sessions in the psychomotor therapy "extra lesson", based on Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf educative philosophy.

The program works on the causes of learning and behavioural difficulties. Neurological development research shows that the young child’s brain is stimulated by movement. A disruption in a child’s development and his or her sensorial learning during the first years of life can impact the child’s capacities over time.

The assumption is made that when a child begins school, he has developed and integrated the sensorial systems necessary to:


-make sense of visual information

-carry himself

-sit at a desk

-use basic hand/eye coordination

-have adequate motor skills

-behave correctly for his age group.

When all these elements are present, a child is motivated to learn and to satisfy the expectation of the school environment. If, however, all the elements are not present, the learning process can be difficult and painful for the child and require a lot of effort. A child who finds himself in this situation can end up becoming extremely frustrated and this frustration is sometimes the result of developmental problems.

The Extra-Lesson program aims to help the neurological functions of your child mature and free his natural learning ability. With Extra-Lesson, Heidi works at giving the child a "second chance" to construct and reinforce this foundation.

Exercises focus on:

-establishing a dominant laterality

-general motor skills

-fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination

-General coordination, balance and rhythm

-awareness of time and space

-Basic auditive ability and memory

-Awareness of self and general well-being.

For more information, please contact Heidi Doffinger directly at, 07 77 04 11 25


Sandra Bosi

Psychoanalyste, Montessori teacher, Instructor

10 minutes walk from Jardin des Soleils

I offer parenting support for individuals and families:

-To become the parent you want to become and to pass on your values to your children

-To analyse more clearly your own upbringing, projections, worries… to be freed from them

-To understand your children’s uniqueness in order to guide them respectfully throughout their development.

I also facilitate « parent » workshops that focus on various themes linked to education. I share the fruit of my research and experience and give you an opportunity to take a step back, define your role as a parent, and find practical solutions in order to experience more enjoyable, relaxed and  joyful parenting.

Here are a few examples of workshop themes:

Building a child’s confidence and self-esteem; How to set limits; Welcoming emotions; Facing tantrums, fights and jealousy, Montessori at home; Relationships with grandparents; Teaching respect; Teaching children to deal with frustration; answering your child’s existential questions…

For more information, please contact Sandra Bosi directly : 06 63 60 96 68